For over 10 years we have been performing at weddings throughout Australia. Over that time we have developed quality standard wedding packages that can meet clients needs, as well as delivered tailored made entertainment concepts. Either way, we work with our clients closely to get your vision right for your day and can offer advice across all areas of the day.

It all begins as your guests gather at the ceremony location, eagerly anticipating the day ahead and are welcomed by the warming tones of Off The Cuff performing a nostalgic love song. Your guests mingle with each other and a buzz for your day is created with Off The Cuff entertaining them. When the bride arrives it’s show time. She makes an entrance to a song she hand pick and then arranged and performed by us. The vows are completed and then we perform for the signing and the exit song.

From the ceremony there is the option to have us perform during canapes while your guests continue the celebrations, leading into the reception. 

During the reception we perform a number of sets at different intervals and are once again happy to let you hand pick some songs such as the First Dance and more. 

Whatever you have in mind is fine with us and we can arrange the night with you to make it happen.

Why OTC Wedding?

  • We work with you to get your vision for your day right
  • We are happy to learn, arrange and perform hand pick songs by you, that are special to you, for main events during the day
  • experience is everything and we have more than 10 years behind us so we know what works and when
  • We perform live music, play background music and can MC for you, taking care of all your entertainment needs in one
  • Bring all our own industry standard equipment that allows us to perform indoors or outdoors
  • We are reliable, fun and easy to deal with